Data Analysis and Ocean Observing instrument


Several instruments are in use in different conditions for monitoring the met-ocean parameters such as current speed and direction, salinity, temperature, bulk wave parameters, wind speed, humidity etc. Pressure sensors, acoustic devices such as ADCP, ADP and ADV, buoy, Radar, CTD and satellite sensors are useful instruments which can be used for providing important data to be used for environmental studies, design of structures as well as validation/calibration of oceanic and atmospheric models. Improving a model performance is critically dependent on accuracy of in situ data using data assimilation which emphasize on the importance of having accurate met-ocean data. The effective use of these instruments requires the knowledge of their users from the basics of those instruments and data analysis techniques.

In this workshop we will cover the following headlines:

  •  A quick review of different instruments with their basics/technologies involved to measure met-ocean parameters, the applications of each instrument and their inherent limitations
  •  A review of available remote sensing data for different oceanic applications by emphasizing on the free data
  •  A quick review of basic MATLAB commands required for data processing
  •  The basic data analysis techniques and toolboxes to be used for processing the data from those instruments in MATLAB
  •  Available free/open source packages for applying data analysis techniques.

The sample file from many of those instruments will be shared with participant to practice those techniques.

Dates (From – to):

2023 August 31, September 1


 15-18 Iran

Registration Deadline:

2023 August 15

Eligibility qualification for the participants:

Faculty members, researchers, graduate students, undergrad student

Study Format: Online

Seyed Mostafa Siadatmousavi has Ph.D. of Oceanography and coastal sciences from Louisiana State University. He is currently an Associate Professor in school of Civil Engineering in Iran University of Science and Technology. Dr. Siadatmousavi is interested in data analysis techniques as well as numerical simulations for met-ocean processes.

Registration fee:

fee: 29 € for students – 115 € for others

3.750.000 IRR for IUST & UT5 Students/ 7.500.000 IRR for other Iranian applicants


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