Introduction of Hydrodynamic  and Water Quality Simulation Model, CE QUAL-W2, and its Applications


Water quality deteriorations in waterbodies around the worlds, have led to increasing threatening of water resources. Therefore, it is required to depict the transportation and transformation process in water body to understand the reasons for undesirable water quality conditions and further to evaluate the restoration management techniques before implementation in real field study. Numerical hydrodynamics and water quality simulation model, CE-QUAL-W2, is effective tool to depict the hydrodynamic and water quality in waterbodies and simulate the physical/chemical/biological restoration techniques in water quality enhancement. The aims of this workshop are a) Introduction of Dispersion-Diffusion-Reaction procedures in fluids; b) Introduction of 2D hydrodynamics and water quality simulation model, CE-QUAL-W2; c) Step by step setup of CE-QUAL-W2 model in simulation of hydrodynamics and water quality in real case study; d) Implementation of CE-QUAL-W2 model in evaluation the effects of (i) hydrological and meteorological status and (ii) the reservoir operation strategies in the water quality enhancement.

Dates (From – to):

2023 , August 27 – 31


 13-17 Iran

Registration Deadline:

2023 August 15

Eligibility qualification for the participants:

Faculty members, researchers, graduate students, undergrad student

Study Format: Online

Dr.  Motahareh Saadatpour is currently an Associate Professor of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering in School of Civil Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST). She received her Ph.D. in Water & Environmental Engineering from IUST. Her research is focused on water quality modelling, point/non-point source pollution control & management in river-basin scale, ecosystem accounting, food-water-energy-ecosystem nexus, and water resources system analysis.

Registration fee:

fee: 455€ for Students, 1140 € for others

12.500.000 IRR for IUST & UT5 Students/ 50.000.000 IRR for other Iranian applicants

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