Probabilistic Process in Business Forecasting


Studying Stochastic processes in business would involve identifying the current policies on when to order and how much to order. If these policies are not successful, i.e. a company frequently has too much or too small inventory, then the company would have to alter them and reevaluate them until they yielded a more favorable outcome

Dates (From – to):

2023 August 27, August 29, August 31


 15-18 Iran

Registration Deadline:

2023 August 15

Eligibility qualification for the participants:

Faculty members, researchers, graduate students, undergrad student

Study Format: Online

PhD in water resources engineering, I am 73 years old, worked in industry for 20 years (Training, research and management) and having teaching experience for 25 years in IUST.

Registration fee:

fee: 115 €

55.000.000 IRR for Iranian applicants


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