Project Risk Management


This course aims to provide participants with the necessary skills to navigate decision-making in situations of uncertainty. Throughout the program, students will gain familiarity with the project environment and the stakeholders involved. Emphasis will be placed on developing techniques for effectively identifying and addressing unknown factors, both minor and significant, while also exploring strategies for finding solutions. By completing this course, students will be equipped with the ability to form accurate assessments, articulate their perspectives to others, and propose optimal decisions even when others may be influenced by flawed mental frameworks. These acquired skills will not only contribute to the successful advancement of development projects but will also prove invaluable in addressing challenges encountered in everyday life.

Dates (From – to):

2023 ,1-3 September


9-12, 15-18, Iran

Registration Deadline:

2023 August 15

Eligibility qualification for the participants:

Faculty members, researchers, graduate students, undergrad student

Study Format: Online

Hassan Malekitabar is a lecturer for Risk Management at Iran University of Science and Technology. With expertise in consulting for oils and gas, flood, and building projects, he brings practical insights to his teaching. He has taught risk and safety management courses for over 5 years at Sharif University of Technology and Amirkabir University of Technology, and has published research in the field

Registration fee:

fee: 60 €

28.750.000 IRR for Iranian applicants

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